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Born and raised in Vancouver, Davor Vulama’s music career began as a teenager rocking out with local bands. He was fortunate to meet the late, great Bruce Fairbairn (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and AC/DC, among others) in the 90s, and with his mentorship, quickly learned the ropes in the music business.

As Davor moved from the stage to the studio, Bruce’s guidance came in handy. Now, Davor has put his own stamp on the music industry with song credits ranging from rock tracks and pop hits to ukulele melodies. He’s co-written songs for the likes of Art of Dying, Loverboy, the platinum plus rockers Hedley, Japan’s Lead, and international superstar Coco Lee. Davor’s vast catalogue is now global, reaching audiences never
dreamed of in his Vancouver garage band days.

Davor — and those who work with him — have been on a roll recently. Acting as both co-writer and producer, Davor’s vision and creativity helped Art of Dying reach the top of the charts in the United States with their single, “Sorry” produced by Grammy Award winning producer Howard Benson and mixed by the one and only Chris Lord Alge (Greenday, U2, Christina Aguilera). He also worked with Elise Estrada on her crossover smash, “Lipstick,” the breakthrough hit single “A.L.L.” for Eric Solomon,
and a recent hit single for Japan’s hip-hop group Lead.

You can also hear Davor’s music on the small screen in The Real Housewives of
Vancouver (Global/Slice), America’s Next Top Model (UPN), Make Some Noise
(Omni Film/CBC), Pure Design (O.W.N Network USA), Ed (NBC/Universal), Hellcats (CW), and Bloodsuckers (Vega Productions/Sci-Fi Channel). On the big screen, Davor collaborated with Ron Irving and Carl Utbult to co-write the end title theme for the international anime film, 2046.

By 2008, Davor’s music began to venture into the world of advertising. Davor’s
corporate experience includes the production and music composition for television and radio advertisements for companies such as McDonald’s, BMW, Honda Automotive, and the Ford Motor Company.

In 2011, with the Canadian radio single, Alisha Pillay’s “Convicted,”Davor launched
DVP, a label imprint with Chapter 2 Productions co founder and president, Vincent Degiorgio (N’Sync, Caro Emerald, Atomic Kitten). Shortly thereafter, DVP signed Wren Kelly, a finalist on YTV’s The Next Star. Davor co-wrote and produced her EP “Let Go,” which include singles that have found their way onto radio streams and the award winning tv series Mr. D on the CBC network. Most recently, Davor has been in the studio with Canadian Rock legend and icon Bif Naked and is currently creating music for The Real Housewives of Toronto for Corus/NBC.

From the radio to the concert hall, and commercials to film, Davor’s experience is deep and varied. He’s recorded, produced, and engineered for everyone from Outkast’s Andre 3000 to American superstar Ashley Tisdale, and created soundtracks ranging from thirty-second commercial tracks to movie scores. Armed with a wealth of experience and a passion for music, Davor’s vision and talent continues to drive the artists and corporations he works with toward success.
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AJ Woodworth
Album: Wild Card
Genre: Happy, Party, Rock
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Alisha Pillay
Album: Convicted - Single
Genre: Pop, Dance
Mood: Moody, Rhythmic, Up-tempo, Happy
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Art of Dying
Album: Vices and Virtues (Deluxe Version)
Genre: Rock, NuRock
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Album: Get To Know You - Single
Genre: Dance, Pop, Rap


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