Samantha Watt

Middlestown, UK

Artist Bio

Artist; poet; powerhouse vocalist. Samantha Watt is a force to be reckoned with.

“Sister Act 2 changed my life, Lauren Hill soulfully singing ‘Joyful Joyful’ would be on constant repeat when I was younger, I haven’t looked back since. I knew that being a singer/songwriter was my only option.”

Samantha has been working on her first solo album since August 2013, and it is set to be released 2015. Over the years, Samantha has been writing with talented writers throughout Canada, through the Songwriters Association of Canada and Cymba Music Publishing/Chapter 2 Productions Inc. Writing with and for others has allowed her to explore different genres, while taking her out of her comfort zone.

"I am so blessed to be a part of the writing workshops working with amazing Canadian talent I continue to learn and grow as a musician and a writer."

Samantha has worked with incredible and accomplished producers Ian Smith, Rob Wells, Murray Diagle, Winston Hauschild and Jeff Diesel, among others. In addition, she has worked with talented Canadian singer/songwriters such as Julie Chrochetiere, Aileen De La Cruz, Greg Sczebel and Bobby Bisciglia.

By participating in his writing camps, Chapter 2's Vince Degiorgio has also become a part of her music team.
"I am so happy that Vince believes in my music and the message I am sending. I am forever grateful to have such a talented and fantastic person on our team. Vince has accomplished many things in the music business and I am thrilled."

Chapter 2's Ian Smith has done the production on Samantha's full album. "Meeting Ian was coincidence, and I am happy we crossed paths, he forced me to grow and learn and really showed me that he believes in me. You can't get much better than that."

When asked about the album Samantha said "Writing the album was the next step for me, and along the way I have learnt many things that I am grateful for. I really wanted to be fearless with this album; I wanted to be as honest as possible and as real with myself as with others. I had songs pre-written but as it were every song that has been created on this album has really been 'in the moment' and I feel that this offers even more emotion, it's pure. We have really tried to maintain our own creativeness throughout this process. I feel we have accomplished this and truly couldn’t be happier with the direction it has taken."

The full album 'Echo in The Dream' is set for release late 2015.
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Album: Samantha Watt
Genre: Acoustic, Country, Indie
Mood: Ballad, Calm, Emotional, Melancholic, Pensive, Dramatic
Instrumental: Yes
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Album: Samantha Watt
Genre: Acoustic, Country, Indie
Mood: Ballad, Calm, Emotional, Melancholic, Pensive
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Album: Samantha Watt
Genre: Female Pop, Indie, indie pop, SynthPop
Mood: Confident, Dramatic
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Album: Two Lovers in the Dark - Single
Genre: Electronic, Female Pop, Indie, indie pop, Pop Rock, SynthPop, Dance
Mood: Anthemic, Danceable, Fun
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