Bobby Morales

B.Morales is the quintessence of the West Coast: his beats are as fresh as his approach to making them. B.Morales began playing piano at the age of three and naturally progressed to production and songwriting with diplomas in both Jazz Studies and Audio Engineering, as well as achieving honours through the Royal Conservatory of Music for Grade 10 Level piano.

From 2009 to 2017, Morales was been employed as an instructor at Nimbus School of Recording in Vancouver, B.C., teaching Music Theory, as well as developing and teaching the Beats And Urban Music Production program. At the same time he has continued to produce and develop artists, earning a reputation for not only his technical expertise but also his vast musical knowledge. Influenced by DJ Quik and Dr. Dre; B.Morales, infuses R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Funk to create a sound that's laid back but powerful. Although primarily based in the Urban Music genre, B.Morales is a classically trained pianist who has worked in all genres of music, from Country and Opera to EDM and Pop.

Recently, B.Morales released a collaborative EP with Shno Xavier, entitled "Legato", a single with Thrust, entitled "Let's Go", a single with VIals, entitled "BFF", and a single with The Vizzion, entitled "Super Hero". He's worked with artists all across the board – notably Elephant Man, Trina, Jon b., Doodlebug (of Digable Planets), Chin Injeti, and DJ Kemo and Red1 of The Rascalz. On the film side, Morales has also worked on many short films as a composer/arranger, has mixed cue music for David Suzuki's The Nature of Things, and was the sound tech for a Maple Leaf Foods promo video.

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