Daisy Gottlieb

It's about that voice

Born of Chilean and Swedish extraction in the southern Swedish city of Gothenburg,

Daisy Gottlieb has been a fixture on innumerable dance pop releases: as the face of the Starclub

to her own solo releases on US dance label, Robbins Entertainment. A veteran performer

who has traveled to three different continents to showcase her music. She has previously released

"Everytime" , a single she co-wrote, as well as underground favourites like "Tip Top". Additionally,

Daisy has also written a theme song for industrial campaigns for a major sporting event in Sweden

for female athletes.

The dynamic topliner and vocalist is Cymba's newest addition, having recently been in the studio

with publishing label mate Hakan Lundberg (Exile The Second) and Warner Music Sweden artist

SaRaHa, finishing up her next single.

She has just completed five songs with Peer Music Spain cutmaster Jose Manuel Moles and is

readying her own single with an eye to Sweden's Melodiefestivalen in 2019.
Her cuts include "Hu Hu", written with hitmakers Peter Wennerberg and Sharon Vaughn, recorded

by Taiwanese pop sensation Amber An. Watch this space: more music and updates are on the way.