Dennis Ellsworth

Dennis Ellsworth writes around life experience and emotion in a poetic way, full of imagery, and classic melody, sung in a rich, confident voice.

His music is a blend of rock n' roll, power pop, psych and spacey, alt-country and singer-songwriter. It starts with well crafted songs and builds on a spectrum of influence that, although it may not be immediately evident, is boundless.

His latest album, Things Change, produced by Joel Plaskett is a brilliant convergence of Ellsworth irresistible power pop songwriting chops with Plaskett and co.'s trademark vintage guitar-driven sound.

In the past, the Prince Edward Island native Ellsworth has never hesitated to seek out the right people for specific projects. It's led him to build an impressive body of work in conjunction with producer David Barbe (Drive-By Truckers, Sugar), along with CanRock heroes such as Josh Finlayson (Skydiggers, Gord Downie), Hugh Christopher Brown, and Tim Bovaconti (Ron

His work has been featured in the television programs Heartland, Northern Rescue, Hello Goodbye, Cavendish, and the feature film, The New Romantic.

He has recently completed work as a producer on a new album by Tara MacLean and is about to begin the process of producing an album for Renee Powers. Although staying busy as a producer he has been writing new material for his next release, as well as a variety of new publishing demo recordings.

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