What is CYMBA?

CYMBA is an acronym for Crushing Your Music Business Apathy. We are an internationally renowned boutique publisher led by industry veteran and pop music visionary Vincent Degiorgio.

With a headquarters in Toronto and a mindset that’s global - the foundations of CYMBA are built on the power of pop music that brings people together. CYMBA stands apart, infusing genres with new possibilities, crafting original and unforgettable melodies, and championing a diverse catalogue of international pop artists and writers.

CYMBA has always been forward thinking, bucking trends and looking ahead to create masterful songs that the global music community needs.  

Landing innumerable placements across the globe and leading with a writer - first mentality, the CYMBA team has had songs written in over 11 different languages, with tracks featured in domestic and international films and television shows, as well as advertisements around the world.

Crush apathy with advocacy

The music industry needs innovation and publishers are in many ways the new record labels. Bringing together burgeoning and legendary talent under one roof, Vincent and the CYMBA team have been involved with innumerable songwriting workshops, publishing and sync conferences, and industry initiatives to keep music progressive and build a lasting career for talent.

Who is the CYMBA Team?

Hand-selected and highly eclectic, CYMBA’s team of songwriters and artists are united in their passion for the universal language of music and their drive to connect with listeners personally. When joining the roster, songwriters and artists become part of a family.

CYMBA’s maxim with our team: build a musical community that is timeless.

Famous Sync & Songwriting Placements:

Caro Emerald, as heard on The Vampire Diaries, Agent Marvel, Pretty Little Liars, Disney’s Chimpanzee and in wide release European advertising campaigns for Peugeot and Ferrero Rocher.

Boss & Swan, as heard in the Twisted Twins cult classic, American Mary.

Additional placements include Reebok, T-Mobile, BBC The Voice 2016 adverts, and theatrical trailers for The Fantastic Mr. Fox and 2016’s Bad Moms.

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